Cordillera Huayhuash Circuit – Peruvian Treks

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Cordillera Huayhuash Trekking , Walking, Tours one of the most beautiful trek is a mountain-climber’s dream come true. Located in one of the most remote sections of the Andes, with highest passes over 4,600m. Amazing majestic peaks as Yerupaja (6644m) the second highest in Peru, We also visit Siula Grande, scene of Joe Simpson’s 'Touching the Void' epic. With superb campsites beside green glacial lakes.


Cordillera Blanca Treks – Peru Andean Treks

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The Cordillera Blanca with its snow-fluted summits, knife-edge ridges, tumbling glaciers, blue mountain lakes and steep-sided valleys. offers several trekking hiking routes with beautiful crystal water lakes amazing mountain peaks Huascaran (6768m) the highest peak in Peru, Alpamayo (5947m) the pyramidal peak, and others peaks, White Mountain Range is ranked as one of the most spectacular treks in the world, this high level trail through the Peru's Cordillera Blanca is likely to provide one of the most satisfying of trekking holidays.


Cordillera Blanca Climbing – Peruvian Peaks

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The Cordillera Blanca has many peaks for climbing as easy, moderate, technical climbs Pisco (5752m) Ishinca (5540m) Vallunaraju (5560m) Alpamayo (5,947m.) Quitaraju (6030m) Chopicalqui (6354m) Artesonraju (60230m) Tocllaraju (624m) Huascaran (6768m)


Cusco Machu Picchu – Andes Adventures Tours

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Cusco ancient history, mind-boggling landscapes, entrancing culture, Inca Empire, the largest in pre-Colombian America, Peru's power and gold attracted the Spanish conquistadors who used it to fund their own vast empire in the Americas. As a result, colonial gems like magnificent Cusco were built on Incan foundations, making for a fascinating hybrid culture. Peru is peppered with Incan sites, but none so famous as the "lost city" of Machu Picchu, trek in the Andes


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